How It Works

For Bar Owners

The 2-Pint Crafty Carton™ is a revolutionary carton changing the bar industry. Imagine your regulars are IN LOVE with the fabulous new wheat beer and the seasonal local ale is selling fast. But, many of your regulars leave early to avoid driving under the influence. Sound familiar?

With the new Crafty Carton™ disposable container, your bar patrons can now enjoy two pints of their favorite draft brew at home. It’s simple, easy to use and environmentally safe. The new Crafty Carton™ increases bar sales, provides additional advertising and increases your overall bottom line.

For Breweries and Distributors

Promote new beers, new bars and new events with the Crafty Carton™. The new Crafty Carton™ can be branded to display YOUR ARTWORK and put in the hands of tens of thousands of your target customers. Increase sales and drive new business with an environmentally safe and convenient way to take home two pints of your favorite beer!

Features & Benefits

The Crafty Carton™ is a 32fl oz container that can be conveniently stacked to take up minimal space behind the bar, is environmentally friendly and easy to use.

  • Extra Sales – Sell more beer. It’s that simple.
  • Personalization – Promote brands, brews, and babes with custom artwork on the Crafty Carton™.
  • Designated Driver Support – Encourage responsible drinking by allowing your customers to safely take home their favorite beers.
  • Go Green – The Crafty Carton™ is biodegradable and made from renewable materials. Each carton carries the mark of the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Easy to Use – Each Crafty Carton™ has built in a simple spout for easy pouring.